Luxury 2022 Sprinter Adventure Campervan - White
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Luxury 2022 Sprinter Adventure Campervan - White

The power system is completely self contained. The lithium batteries charge from 2 roof mounted solar panels and while driving with the onboard smart DC-DC charging system. No propane system necessary! Monitor your power from an easy to use digital power display. Running water at the flip of a switch. Either using the large sink with designer faucet or the side mounted outdoor shower. Keep tabs on your water supply with the easy to read water management display. There is also a self contained gray water tank mounted under the van. Large items to haul? No problem! This van has a giant roof rack with easy side ladder access. Covered for all weather! This van has a 12 Volt air cooler system that's easy to use, works great and runs off the vans on board power system. While other “Adventure Vans” will have you hauling around a loud generator or searching for camping locations with power, this van is set up for a true off-grid experience. When sunny days are in your rearview, we once again have you covered. This van has an Espar Diesel heater on board. The fuel source is shared with the vans diesel fuel tank. So there's no stop to check or fill up propane. The system will never leave you stranded as the heater will only consume fuel when your tank is above ¼ full. Time for dinner? Enjoy a large 2 burner cooktop and tons of counter space and multiple table options.
Starting from $ 230.00

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