Getaway Jeep
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Getaway Jeep


Note: For the winter months (Dec-Mar) we put on a ski rack in place of the rooftop tent;
Drive the Jeep you've always dreamed about. This four-door Wrangler is decked out with everything you need to camp conveniently built-in.

Just find your remote spot away from the crowds, walk around back and slide out your cooler and stove and start cooking. Stay connected with a full battery system and keep your gear out of the dirt with the extra storage.

When it's time for bed after a long day of playing outside, rinse off in the outdoor shower and pop open the rooftop tent for a night under the stars.

Other things to note

-No Pets
-No Drugs
-No Un-maintained Dirt Roads
-Mileage is 150 miles per night booked, calculated as an aggregate for the trip. $0.50/mile for every mile over. E.g. if you book seven nights, you are allotted 1050 miles for the trip. If you drive 1350 miles you will be charged $0.50/mile for the 300 miles extra that were driven.

Post-Trip Cleaning by Renter;
Wash Exterior
Refill Water Tank
Clean Dishes

Post-trip cleaning can be skipped for a $100 fee.

Starting from $ 110.00

Select the Dates for Pick Up and Drop Off